The Traditional Paddlers Gathering


There are people who want to know the exact schedule of the Gathering. We sympathize. The truth is, the exact schedule is created when the mentors meet to hammer out a plan. A formal schedule should be available by mid August. Here, generally speaking, is what you can count on.

During past years we have held sessions on forward and maneuvering strokes, boat control, bomb-proofing your roll, plus casual tours.  We are in the process of developing a two part curriculum with a formal progression in the areas of strokes, aft finishing rolls and forward finishing rolls.

Yoga classes are held Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Local and guest mentors conduct rolling sessions during most timeslots throughout the event.

The harpoon contest and SOF rescues relay are conducted after lunch on Saturday, with the winners announced at the Saturday evening program.

A skin-boat rescue session is typically held on Saturday afternoon. 

On Sunday morning there is the possibility of  a Parade of Skin Boats, where we make a short paddle and encourage everyone to paddle and compare as many skin boats as possible.  Occasionally we also have a handline fishing contest on Sunday morning, as well as informal one on one rolling instruction… weather, schedule and interest permitting. 

 Presentations include such topics as skinning a Greenland-style kayak, repairing SOFs, fire starting, Greenlandic rope gymnastics, demonstrations of Greenlandic hunting gear, fitting your qajaq, dryland rolling and sand harpoon practice.

Evening programs include films and presentations from visiting mentors and participants. Saturday’s evening session includes our annual silent auction and raffle. You are encouraged to bring items to offer for either or both.

The basic schedule is as follows:

Morning Yoga
Morning classes
Lunch Break
Afternoon Classes
5PM – The grill is lit
5-7 PM– Social hour and supper
7:30 PM Presentation

The event does not start until Thursday at Noon, please do not arrive before that. Thursday afternoon classes are informal rolling instruction and casual tours. Sunday AM classes are dependent on participant input and desire. The event instruction ends at Noon on Sunday, and you may hold off breaking camp until after that.