Northern Lights Qajaq Society-The Traditional Paddlers Gathering

2017 Gathering: 10 Reasons to Join Us

1. What, you’ve got plans for September 7-10, 2017? (Event starts at Noon, Thursday)(9am for Paddle Making Class.

2. Excite your romantic partner by explaining that you’ll return knowing new Greenlandic rope tricks.

3. Picture yourself among the happy traditional paddlers in this photo gallery from past Gatherings and imagine your sense of bliss if you were among them.

4. You’ll be joining us for our first epic year at the Parker Scout Reservation, on beautiful North Long Lake, in Merrifield, MN.

5. See and paddle Minnesota’s largest collection of hand-made, skin-on-frame kayaks. Experience the feel of paddling one of Qajaq USA’s midwest fleet replicas.

6. Watch your loved ones’ faces light with joy when you explain that you’re paying good money to hang upside down in a kayak for hours.

7. Spend quality time with mentors Maligiaq Padilla, Dubside, Chuck Smith, and Henry Davies. Our delightful cast of local mentors will be sure to give you a hand up when you need it!

8. Discuss your rolling technique with people who might possibly be interested.

9. Participate in west-central Minnesota’s premier harpoon hunt of styrofoam seals and our second annual Skin-on-Frame rescues relay race.  Preceeded of course by our own version of opening ceremonies!  The band continues to grow.

10. Delight your family by bringing home hundreds of dollars of merchandise from our silent auction and raffle.