Northern Lights Qajaq Society

Harpoon Making Clinic

Come all day Thursday (9am to 5pm) and make your own “Sand” harpoon.

Sipke DeBoer will lead you through the day, lending his expertise and advice on the tools, the reasons, the ways and the practicality whilst you carve your own harpoon.

A sand harpoon is a practice harpoon in which the break-away head (present on real harpoons) is eliminated and is replaced with a fixed, carved representation of the head.  This makes practice harpoons able to withstand practice on land without breaking.  The sand harpoon can also be used for on water practice, and eliminates the need to reset the head with each throw.  This harpoon is easier to construct and maintain than the real thing. You’ll also be carving a “Norsuk”, the throwing stick that launches your harpoon (and you can use it for rolling too!).

Registration is limited to 8 participants, and there is a separate fee of $40, payable with your event registration.

Registrants to the Harpoon Making Clinic are allowed to arrive at camp on Wednesday evening. We’ll send out a list of things to bring, such as lunch, gloves and water (Don’t worry, we’ll supply the tools and materials!).


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